As leaders in business, how can you bring the best of out of your employees, so they can bring out the best in your organization?

Awakening Your Inner Athlete: Managing with Heart & Mind
This the corporate version of Louise Hay’s popular ‘Heal Your Life’ training, focused on developing leaders in the business world. The training is highly experiential and impacts the ‘bottom line’ of businesses by getting employees more engaged and happy at work, which is essential in business success. Whether you’re a startup or established business, the more you invest in your people, the more you’re investing in all areas of success in your company.

Engaged Employees Impact Bottom-line!
38% above-average productivity
50% higher customer loyalty levels
Reap 27% higher profits

business_brainstormingSumya’s been helping people individually as a LifeCoach for many years, now she’s expanding this work to businesses and organizations, small and large, to help them compete at a higher level in the corporate world. Many businesses are hiring athletes for development training, since many of the skills acquired as an athlete carry over directly into the competitive business world. Sumya’s ten year career as a professional boxer earned her four world championships in three weight divisions. She developed the necessary habits and skills to excel in a highly competitive arena, and she wants to help your business succeed too. It takes innovative ideas to continue to grow your business.

Important skills developed and refined in this training:

  • Developing the winning mindset
  • Innovative ideas
  • Refining the company’s vision
  • Working as a team player
  • Growing your business together
  • Communicating effectively and sharing knowledge
  • Discipline
  • Managing change in positive ways

These skills are essential in developing champions on and off the field. Businesses want and need to produce results.

Engagement Levels
Only 13% of workers feel ‘engaged’ by their jobs!! (sense of passion, deep connection, drive to innovate)
63% are ‘not engaged’ (They sleepwalk through their days, putting little passion into their work)
24% are ‘actively disengaged’ (They pretty much hate their jobs)

The ultimate focus is on the inner health of the employees, a powerful way of creating a more emotionally intelligent workforce. At work, what affects performance a lot is our inner environment, the way we think and feel and how we respond to situations. An essential skill is learning to move from reacting to responding. This results directly in improved growth for your corporation.

Happy employees produce more than unhappy ones over the long term
16% better overall performance (reported by managers)
125% less burnout (self-reported) than their peers
32% more committed to the organization
46% more satisfied with their jobs

Email or call now to schedule a free 30-minute presentation for your management team to see how this training can help your organization develop the champion mindset. Ultimately, you want results. Sumya can help you there. | 913-961-3838