Benefits of Volunteering

May 10, 2015 KCTV5 – Did you know that volunteering has positive impacts on your own health? Sumya discusses a few ways volunteering improves the health of your family and community too.... read more

Work Out Anywhere

February 22, 2017  BETTER KC ON KCTV5 Work Out Anywhere – Learn a few tips for working out on the go and add some spice to your workout.... read more

Hit the gym, beat the stress; finals week exercise

December 14, 2016 | by: Ellen Terhune
With the holidays quickly approaching, Christmas music is beginning to fill the crisp winter air. The Plaza is suddenly glowing from a dazzling light display and Crown Center is now illuminated by the mayor’s 100-foot Christmas tree. Families all over the metro area are beginning to feel the joyous spirit of the season…

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Gatorade Spotify Commercial

October 2016 – GATORADE SPOTIFY COMMERCIAL. Check out Learning2Fly’s youth boxing instructor, yoga teacher, and Health Educator Matthew Anani. Go Matthew! This commercial was filmed in Kansas City. Check out Matthew’s classes or email him for a private training session. read more

Learning to Fly

By contributing writer Elyse Bradley When attending any class at Learning2Fly, participants must adhere to three “flight” rules: 1. Don’t use the word can’t. (“Except,” says Anani, “in the sentence, ‘There’s nothing I can’t do.’”) 2. Only speak and think positively.

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I Can Fly!…

When I saw the Groupon for Learning 2 Fly, I knew I had to try this out! I had seen it done a lot in Vegas and knew that it required a lot of upper body strength, something I lacked immensely, but I wanted to try it all the same. Once I entered the building I was in awe of my surroundings. ..

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