Heal Your Life® Lifecoach & Workshop Leader

“My work is based on the psychology of the chakras and the teachings of Louise Hay. The chakras are a wonderful roadmap on our journey of personal empowerment.”

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e-ryt500 Yoga Instructor

“Yoga teaches me to defend myself from my inner opponent: my own mind, the ego, the limitations, those places in my consciousness where I’m tempted to judge and withhold love.”

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Former 4x World Champion Boxer

“My 10-year boxing career was an incredible experience in my life. Barry Becker, thank you with all my heart.”
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Aerial Instructor, Performer, and Owner of Learning2Fly

“There is nothing we can’t do! Come see for yourself.”

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Do You Know Where You're Going?

Life coaching based on the psychology of the chakras and the teachings of Louise Hay.

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A Chakra Circus of Health

“A Chakra Circus teaches kids 7 habits of health.
This is my passion.”

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A Yoga Warrior’s Affirmation
As I connect to the Source of my Creativity, I discover my authentic Power to Love and Express the Highest Vision for my life, and for All Life on Earth. Om!

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

This is Louise Hay’s first book that set the world on fire. She is a pioneer of metaphysics, and has spent most of her life empowering people of the power of choose our thoughts. I am now a Heal Your Life workshop leader and Life Coach. I’m grateful for... read more