Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you’ve ever faced;
your ego.

– unknown

Seek your full potential in all you do!

 “Yoga and helping others reach their potential are my passions.  Yoga’s profound gifts of expansion and growth help us nurture our unique gifts and contributions.  The work we have to do is sometimes tough, but always healing.  Transformation on a global scale is a possibility if we each fight our own inner battles necessary for transformation. Together, there is nothing we can’t do.” – Sumya Anani


Sumya Anani is an e-ryt500 hour yoga instructor, and is registered as a hatha and a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  Her teaching is shaped by the chakric system.  She is a co-heart for Sacred Centers, founded by leading chakra expert Anodea Judith.  Her studies of the Yoga Sutras with Bhavani Maki and Rama Jyoti Vernon impact her life and teachings.

She has completed all three trainings developed by NY Times best-selling author Louise Hay.  Sumya is now a workshop leader, Lifecoach, and business success coach through Heal Your Life®, founded by Louise Hay to empower others.  She loves helping individuals and organizations find happiness and success.

Sumya credits yoga’s teachings for her success as a 4x world champion boxer.  She loves teaching yoga and mindfulness to athletes,helping them develop their own inner and outer game.

She can often be found playing ball on a trail with her German Shepherd.

Yoga3Sumya studied massage, with a focus on sports massage, reflexology, and Thai massage training. She is an adjunct professor of physical education at Johnson County Community College.  At JCCC, she has mentored with Istvan Javorek for both general conditioning and sports specific training since 1992.  She was a competitive collegiate weightlifter for a few years, and was 3rd at nationals in her weight class.

In 2010, she opened Learning2Fly  ~ Aerial Fitness Training & Aerial Yoga Center ~ in Mission, KS (Kansas City).   She has been performing as an aerialist around the KC area since 2008.  Her mission at Learning2Fly is to empower YOU to stretch your wings into the fullness of your own possibilities, in mind, body and spirit.  She teaches a core curriculum of 7 unique ‘Habits of Health,’ each habit aligning with a chakra. Sumya is available for workshops at your yoga studio or marital art dojo.  For more information on her yoga workshop themes, see the Contact page.


There is no try.  There is do or do not.

– Yoda, the Great Jedi Warrior Master

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