Workshops & Retreats

Seek full potential in all you do! As a movement professional, Sumya seeks to help others reach their full potential, and is well-versed in a variety of movement techniques including yoga, martial arts, and aerial arts. She offers workshops out of her aerial fitness studio, Learning2Fly, in Mission Kansas. She is also available for workshops at your yoga studio or marital art dojo.

Yoga Instructor

Sumya Anani is an e-ryt500 hour yoga instructor, teaching both Hatha & Kundalini. Her practice is shaped by the chakric system.

Heal Your LifeĀ® Coach

Loving yourself is the key to healing your life. Sumya is a workshop leader, Lifecoach, and business success coach through Heal Your LifeĀ®, founded by Louise Hay.

Massage Therapist

With a focus on sports massage, reflexology, and Thai massage training, Sumya is an adjunct professor of physical education at Johnson County Community College.

Aerial Fitness

Sumya is the founder of Learning2Fly, and aerial fitness & yoga studio whose mission is to empower YOU to stretch your wings into the fullness of your own possibilities, in mind, body and spirit.

Athletic Coach

As a 4x world champion boxer, Sumya understands and helps coach mindfulness to athletes, helping them develop their own inner and outer game.

Transformation on a global scale is a possibility if we each fight our own inner battles necessary for transformation. Together, there is nothing we can’t do.”

Sumya Anani