02/01/14 – Movie Night! New Monthly Community Events

02/01/14 – Movie Night! New Monthly Community Events

New Monthly Community Events at Learning2Fly!

MOVIE NIGHT – Saturday, February 1 from 6pm – 8pm

See how the circus has changed from animal entertainment to human entertainment.  Bring your dinner or a snack.

We will kick off our Movie Night by showing two short movies about the circus.

“Ringling Brothers” is the story of five sons of a German immigrant who came to be multi-millionaires, acquiring Barnum & Bailey and becoming the greatest circus producers in the world.  (45 minutes)  Trailer here.      

“An Apology to Elephants” is an HBO documentary that explores the beauty and intelligence of elephants as well as threats to their survival.  This documentary tells the troubling story of what happens to elephants in the name of entertainment. Trailer here.

Thank goodness Circus has changed!  Contemporary circus is not using animals for entertainment anymore.